About me



First off, let’s be friends!

I love spending time behind the camera! But what I love even more is Visual Storytelling!

Because I believe that everyone has an interesting story to tell.

What I bring to videography?

I don’t just create videos – I come with extra USPs as well. 

Solid background in marketing

My professional track record lies in marketing and communications, a field I worked in for over a decade before I put my eye definitively behind the camera. This background gives me extra insight that comes into its own in my videography. 

I don’t just create your video but can advise you on what works well and which platforms to use to communicate your message. Unlike many freelancers, I give my clients different options based on my market knowledge and experience. 

Bottom line? I help you tell your story in the best possible for your audience. 

The result? More traction, more reach, and better results for you. 

The woman’s touch

You’ll have noticed that in this business, it’s mostly men behind the camera. And yes, their technical skills are excellent, but I think sometimes you need a woman’s approach. We see things in a different way and often bring a new perspective to the table. And when it comes to weddings, I’ve heard countless times that a bride feels so much more comfortable when it’s a woman behind the camera. 

Bottom line? I bring a different approach to your story. 

The result? An insightful and creative video giving you the results you’re looking for. 

Language and communication skills 

I speak four languages (Polish, German, English and Spanish) and even understand and speak some Dutch. I have lived in four countries and am more than used to working with people from different places and cultures. 

This has shown me how their customs and traditions differ from mine and how to best communicate with them.

Bottom line? I speak your language and culture. 

The result? A meaningful video that speaks to you and your clients.

Endless curiosity

I walk through life with my eyes wide open in a constant quest to discover something new. I love meeting people, exploring new things and trying new food. 

Travel is one of my absolute passions, but we’re not talking a trip to a beach with a drink. My travel is cultural where I learn and discover new people and places. This curiosity gives me the creativity and inspiration I bring to my work.

Bottom line? This inspiration takes the creativity in my videos to the next level. 

The result? Videos like no others.

Me away from the camera

I’m originally from Poland, married to a Spaniard and have a young daughter. 

When I’m not behind the lens, you’ll find me doing Pilates, hiking, skiing, listening to loud music in the car or reading books. And running after my toddler. My non-video passions are enjoying and capturing beautiful sunsets and adventure – I have actually skydived and loved it! I’m also a keen traveller and so far have visited India, Australia, Japan, Mauritius, Madagascar, the US and most European countries. Needless to say, there are still plenty of countries left on my must-visit list!